Privacy Policy / Integritetspolicy is a website of SwedishAnyDay AB. Our business is conducted in accordance with the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. (Read more about GDPR at

1 – Introduction

This privacy policy describes how we collect, handle, use and store your personal information via our main website with all subdomains that represent different courses.

Anastasia Kuznetsova is the data controller for the websites and services offered via SwedishAnyDay’s website and its pages in Facebook and Instagram (referred to as “we”, “us” and “our” in this privacy policy).

Contact information

Company: SwedishAnyDay AB
Postal address: Stortorget 1, c/o Number One, 83130 Östersund

It is important that the information we have about you is correct and up to date. Please let us know if your personal information (e.g. “e-mail”) changes by emailing us at

We take security very seriously and have a range of security measures in place to prevent, detect and stop any attempted intrusion on our websites and online services. Should such an intrusion nevertheless occur, we have established routines for reporting such personal data incident to the Data Inspectorate in accordance with current legislation.

“You” means users of our services and visitors to our websites.

2 – What we collect about you, the purpose behind the data collection and how we handle your personal data

Personal data means all types of information that can be used to identify a person. It does not include anonymized data.

When you visit our websites and use our services, we may handle the following personal information that is linked to you.

Communication: This includes all types of messages that you send to us via our website, comments in the blog and the blog pages on social media, via e-mail, through social media, posts in the forum on the courses’ web pages, all types of text messages. We handle that information for the purpose of communicating with you and save it on a legal basis to be able to prove what the communication looked like in the event of a legal dispute.

Customer data relating to all types of purchases, orders and bookings of our goods and services. It includes your name, invoice address, delivery address, e-mail, company name, organization number, telephone number, full address, receipt and reference for purchases as well as credit card information via third parties (Stripe & PayPal). We handle the information to implement and complete the agreement entered into between you and us in connection with you making a purchase, a booking and / or an order via our websites.

User data includes information about how you use our websites and services together with any data that you publish yourself via our websites and online services. We manage this data to maintain the security and operation of our websites and services, to make backup copies of our websites and / or databases and to enable the publication and administration of our websites, services and the company’s administrative information.

Marketing data that includes data about your choices about receiving marketing materials from us and our third-party services based on your preferences. We handle this personal information so that you can participate in our marketing activities, which include relevant content on our websites, advertising on and about the websites, competitions, surveys, quizzes, prize draws in competitions, give-aways and bonus material while we measure the results for to create more effective marketing. The purpose is to be able to analyze the statistics from these marketing measures, so that we can further develop our business and meet demand in the best way with the goal of making our business grow through a sound marketing strategy.

We may collect Communication, Customer Data, User Data and Marketing Data to deliver relevant information through our websites and targeted advertisements to you. It includes Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Youtube, Google and display ads on third-party platforms.

Our legal basis for this is that we want to achieve our growth goals and build a thriving business. We may also use such data to send you other types of marketing messages. The purpose of this is either to get your consent or other legitimate reasons to make our business grow.

Sensitive information:

We do not collect any sensitive information about you. Sensitive information is details about ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences, political views, information about your health including genetic and biometric data. We do not collect any data about judgments or legal proceedings.

We may be forced to cancel your booking, your purchase, your order if for any reason you can not provide us with personal information required (by law) to fulfill the terms of the agreement between us in connection with a purchase, a booking and / or an order . You will be notified by us if this should happen.

The personal information we collect will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected, with some leeway if required. If you want to know more about this, you can email us via for more information.

We may handle your personal data without your knowledge or consent in cases where there is a legal basis or there is a requirement for us to do so in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

3 – The purpose behind the data collection

We collect data via our websites, forms, webinars, workshops (IRL & Online), social channels and in direct contact with the purpose of being able to follow up, provide support and customer service, complete bookings, orders / purchases and improve and market our services and products . We may also collect certain data about you automatically through cookies when you visit our websites. Read our Cookie Policy for more details

We may receive data from third parties such as Google Analytics based outside the EU, advertising networks such as Facebook, VKontakte and Google adwords based outside the EU as well as technical solutions, payment and delivery services, search services based outside the EU.

4 – Marketing

We handle your personal information to send you marketing communications. Either based on your consent or based on our legitimate purpose to make our business grow.

You can always unsubscribe from our e-mails through the link attached at the bottom of each e-mail from us. It does not include direct communication between us, but mailing via a third-party service for mass mailing and automatic communication, so-called autoresponder.

Note that if you choose to unsubscribe from our e-mails containing marketing materials, it does not include your personal information you provided in connection with a transaction or registration for the courses. You can still receive emails from us that are directly linked to the services you purchased.

We do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties!

Before we even consider sharing your information with a third party for their marketing purposes, we will contact you and in that case you must give your full consent for it to happen. Note that we never share or have shared our email list with any third party!

5 – Our suppliers with whom we share your information?

We may share your personal information with the players below:

Professional advisers such as Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Insurance advisers and the like.

IT service companies that provide systems for operation and administration.

We require that all our suppliers maintain the security of your personal data in accordance with applicable law. We only allow these providers to handle your personal data for specific purposes based on our instructions.

6 – International transfers of personal data

Our suppliers are based both inside and outside the EU. They meet the requirements of the GDPR or Privacy Shield, which is the equivalent regulation in the United States.

When we use our suppliers based outside the EU, it requires that we transfer your personal data, which means that they are moved outside the EU. Such a transfer is associated with security rules and there is a European law that prohibits such a transfer from taking place unless the transfer meets certain criteria.

When your personal data is transferred to our services outside the EU, we do our best to ensure that the same high standards of security are complied with by ensuring that at least one of the following points is met:

We only transfer your personal data to countries approved by the European Commission regarding the level of security regarding the handling of your personal data.

In cases where we use specific suppliers, we use specific contracts, certifications or accepted standards regarding security that have been approved by the European Commission and thus provide personal data the same protection as within the EU.

We use several US-based suppliers that are approved according to the Privacy Shield, which is the equivalent of the European GDPR and provides corresponding protection for personal data.

If none of the above points are available from the supplier, we may obtain specific consent from you. You have the opportunity to withdraw such consent at any time by contacting us at

If our brands, websites and / or business are acquired or merge with another company, your information may be transferred to the new owner so that it can continue to operate the business, which includes marketing, sales, support and contact in accordance with this privacy policy.

7 – Data security

We have a range of security measures and systems linked to our websites and services to protect and prevent your personal information from being accidentally lost, used, altered, disseminated or accessed without permission. Your information is only handled by employees and suppliers where there is a legitimate need.

We have established procedures for dealing with suspected intrusions that affect your personal data and will notify you and the relevant authority when we have a legal obligation to do so.

8 – Storage of data

We only store your personal information as long as there are legitimate reasons in accordance with why it was collected from the beginning. It also includes what is required by the Accounting Act.

To determine how long it takes for us to store your personal data, we look at the amount of data, the purpose and degree of sensitivity of the personal data, the risk of unauthorized access and whether we can achieve the intended purpose in other ways and for the legal obligations that occurs.

The Accounting Act (Bokföringslagen) states that we must retain basic information about our customers for 7 years after the accounting date. It includes contact information, financial information, transaction information and identity.

In certain circumstances, you may ask us to delete your personal information. Contact us via email regarding such deletion. In these cases, we may choose to anonymize your personal information, so that it can no longer be linked to you. This is done for statistical and analysis purposes, which also means that we have unlimited opportunity to use the anonymized information without notifying you.

9 – Your rights

Current legislation gives you several rights linked to your personal data. You have the right to request access to your personal data, request changes to incorrect personal data, request deletion of your personal data, object to the handling of your personal data, request an extract of your personal data, withdraw consent regarding how your personal data is handled and request a restriction on how your personal data is processed.

You can read more about your rights on the Data Inspectorate’s (Datainspektionens) website:–regler/dataskyddsforordningen/

If you want to exercise any of these rights, you are welcome to contact us at

You will not have to pay a fee to access your personal information (or to exercise any of your other rights), but we may charge a fee if your request is clearly unfounded, recurring or excessive. Alternatively, we may deny your request in these circumstances.

We may request specific information from you to help us verify your identity and secure your rights to access your personal information or exercise any of your other rights. It is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to anyone who does not have the right to access it. We may also contact you to get more information about your request in order to speed up the process.

We will try to return to all eligible requests within one month. Sometimes it can take us longer than a month if your request is complex or if you have several requests. In such a case, we will notify you and keep you updated.

If you are not satisfied with how we handle your data, you have the opportunity to lodge a complaint with the Data Inspectorate (Datainspektionen). Contact us first via so that we have the opportunity to have a dialogue with you and answer your questions.

10 – Third party links

Our websites contain links to third parties. It includes other websites, services and programs / applications. Please note that you can accept their terms of use if you click on those links. This means that they may collect and share your personal information. We have no control over these third party services or their privacy policies and take no responsibility for them either. We therefore recommend that you read the privacy policies of these third parties carefully.

11 – Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will update this privacy policy regularly based on any changes in how we handle your personal information. Changes take place as soon as we have published them on our website. We therefore recommend that you read them regularly. If the change is of a material nature, you will be informed before the change takes place and will then have the opportunity to terminate the agreement with us before the new privacy policy enters into force.

12 – Cookies

You can set your browser so that no cookies are loaded when you visit our websites and services. If you choose to block all cookies, it may affect the functionality and ability to use our websites and services. For more information regarding our Cookie Policy read here:

13 – Cloud services

We use, among other things, digital services called cloud services. Using cloud services gives us several benefits, including:

– increased opportunities for cooperation;

– an easy way to share materials, both for educational purposes and with the outside world;

– access to services regardless of time and place.

Cloud services means that information is stored with external suppliers and available to users over the Internet. An example of cloud services we use is G Suite. The information still belongs to us and we check who can access it.

14 – What happens when you finish your education / course

If you want to keep your material after your education / course, you must transfer it yourself to a private account or your own storage. We do not store your personal information longer than necessary. Your user accounts are usually deactivated when you decide to end your education / course and then the information is deleted or deidentified after a while. This also applies to materials stored at our suppliers.

15 – Contact and questions

If you want to contact us regarding changes, complaints, adjustment of personal data or the like, you are welcome to email us via

Updated: February 26, 2021

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